Family Talk

Matthew Cheng

As a Canadian-Born Chinese, learning Chinese was considered mandatory. Recognizing that within Chinese, it consists of many languages, and it indefinitely brought immense difficulties and struggles. However, motives arose to learn what being a Chinese Canadian entailed. There was one problem, Cantonese, or Mandarin? Luckily, being the youthful self I was, both Cantonese and Mandarin were learned. Just not the languages villagers spoke. I had reasonable talent, but the importance was to study Chinese for purposes like events the photo above presents, attending family reunions. My grandparents (left) and uncle and auntie (right) cannot speak English, and through learning, I was equipped to communicate with them using the language they feel the most comfortable conversing without doubts of misinterpretations. Speaking the mother tongue should not be struggling, but attaining the ability to adjust or change language expressions can bring hardships, but it is these experiences that I strive to learn a foreign language.

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